My Response to a Linkedin Discussion</
The URL above is the location of a discussion group on LinkedIn. The topic dealt with how special educators react to having student advocates and attorneys attend meetings held under the mandate of the IDEA statute.
This is my response –
“Wow! What a great discussion! I just recently retired from teaching students with low incidence disabilities (LIDs) for a state agency in Oregon. While I was getting my SPED certification, I subbed at a youth correctional facility. I have 8 years experience teaching students aged 18 to 21 in an adult transition program which had a store-front setting in a commercial district. I opened a Middle Learning Center in a local high school for students who were having difficulties in the resource room but who only qualified for services under the learning disabled category. And I taught students with LIDs for four years in a classroom at a local high school. Possibly because I was a claims adjuster for 22 years before my special ed career, I have never felt intimidated when advocates or attorneys attended my meetings. I have discovered however, a wide difference in the degree of compliance with the IDEA statute among various states when I have had students from other states move into my classrooms with their out-of-state documentation. My first 8 years of experience were in an environment of creative collaboration. My next 5 years were spent in a environment where finances drove district policies and not to the benefit of the students. I left after I saw IEP goals being driven by Common Core State Standards rather than by the needs and preferences of the individual student. Now, I publish my website at and blog on WordPress. I look forward to reading the group’s comments.I also look forward to replies on WordPress.


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