What is Developmentally Appropriate Instruction?

What is DAI?

The Pops Spedster internet site (www.popspedster.net) uses Developmentally Appropriate Instruction (DAI) to deliver educational content to students with special needs resulting from developmental issues, to the parents of these students and to the care providers and case managers who work with both.

DAI is based on a theory that more effective learning takes place when those who are delivering instruction, have assessed and determined any skill sets associated with that student’s strengths and abilities. When these strengths and abilities are known, goals can be set for each individual student which will help to maintain that student’s existing strengths and abilities and will build on those strengths and abilities to increase the effectiveness of that student’s learning process. When this learning process begins to evidence the presence newly acquired measurable skill sets, individualized levels of mastery of these skills can be formulated for each goal.

When goals are based on a common curriculum standard, new goals related to each standard can next be set that will develop into new skill sets for that student to work on while that student is still perfecting mastery of the existing skills.

In all cases, developing goals will take into consideration barriers to learning that may exist due to the nature of that individual student’s diagnosed area of special need.